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Engage your community’s curiousity about sacred plants, psychedelic medicines and microdosing.

Expand you clients longing for a transformational journey.

Learn how these medicines can support holistic wellbeing.

In order to create a sustainable ecosystem, we are growing our affiliate community.

So that we may all deepen our roots, we’d appreciate you sharing with your friends, family and networks. When you participate, you’ll also benefit from the moving energy of money – a motivational force to be sure – and together, we all benefit from the gifts. As we grow, so can you!


  • Receive 30% of every community subscription or event registration that you share with your unique links.
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Remembership Community Offerings


$ 128


Community Remembership

$ 144


Benefactor Remembership

$ 222


Community Salon Series

$ 35


An ongoing gathering where we create space for conversation and deep listening among indigenous voices, their allies, and thought leaders from the western scientific psychedelic ecosystem.

Ceremony of Living and Dying

$ 35


A monthly guided meditation led by death coach Dream Mullick. You will experience a transformative birth ~ death ~ rebirth ceremony and sound healing.

* If Entheowheel is running a promotion, your commission for all offers will remain the same as outlined above. 

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    Contact Us

    If you need anything else, email a human being at We look forward to being in touch.

    About Entheowheel

    In the spirit of alignment, we’d like to share Entheowheel’s intentions:
    • To honor the wisdom and intelligence of Sacred Plants & Psychedelic Medicines and their lineage keepers.
    • To create equitable access.
    • To prepare individuals and communities who are new to these medicines for a future experience and to offer the space for those with experience to deepen their knowledge.
    • To create and hold safe space for all individuals to connect, learn, share & explore.
    • To bridge the world views of ceremony (“original science”) & modern science.
    • To offer unique opportunity to experience and explore extra-ordinary states of consciousness without ingesting medicines.
    • To introduce and emphasize the value of integration as essential for inner and outer transformation.
    • To reconnect with the ordinary as sacred, and the mycelial web of all life.